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    AAW Files Location

    I've done a search of my entire system, read the manual & done a search on the forum but I've come up blank.

    I bought the AAW 5e Mini #2 Hobgoblin Lair through the FG store which I thought would fit perfectly for my group (we're all pretty new to FG). However, I'm having a few issues with it which means ideally I need access to the map file it comes with.

    I can't get the pins to work (although I can drop new ones in), I can't get the mask layer to work and most important is that I can get to the map .png so I can cover up all the secret passages! The first two issues I'm guessing are 3.2 incompatibilities.

    The only file I can find that relates to it is a AAWFG5EMD002.dat file in the 'vault' folder which contains no useful (or readable) info.

    Looking back it would probably have been better to have bought direct from AAW as I'm guessing it would have all been contained in a .zip - lesson learned.

    Anyway, is there any way I can access the map file for editing? Thanks!

    {edit to add} Fixed the pins & mask - it was the Layers extension - pilot error! I was on the wrong layer... I guess I could make up some corridor tokens from a screenshot for the secret doors but it'd be nice to create a dedicated player map if poss so I'd still like access to that if anyone can help me out - thx!
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    The map is not accessible, but I'm not having any problems getting the pins to work or the mask to work.

    Are you running any extensions, such as the Enhanced Images community extension?


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    Yeah - as I appended - it was the Enhanced Images - I was on the wrong layer! D'oh! I guess I'll have to make some tokens up to hide the doors. Shame. Thx for the fast reply tho!

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    A couple of recommendation:
    1) Take a screenshot of the map and remove the areas you want to keep secret. I know this isn't ideal and I'm not familiar with the map so don't know if this is really an option.
    2) Post on the AAW game forum mentioning the issue and seeing if it is possible to update the FG module with a more player friendly map - they're usually pretty good about looking to provide updates to their FG modules.

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    Thanks - I've emailed AAW directly. I had no joy with tokens.

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