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    Hi Damned, this is a request for another die roll ability for AFMBE. Damage and armor rolls roll a single die and then use a multiplier. The dice can be any type, d4, d6, d8 etc. So is it possible to make a formula like /afdmg d# x# like /afdmg d8 x 5 where a d8 is rolled and the result multiplied by 5? Also I found and correct an issue in the /afmbe.ext you made for me. In the list of results, it is missing the result of > 15 "Very Good 4". It covers the roll of 15, 16.
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    Ok, Thanks. It's greatly appreciated.
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    Another question. I put in all the Rolls for skills, qualities and drawbacks. I also created groups like 'Skills', 'Qualities' and 'Drawbacks'. First I didn't realize I had to share each one for others to see them. Also, why can't the players see the groups in the drop down. All they see are All and New. They now see all the rolls I entered because I shared them all.
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    Is there a way (or how do you...) to use "/rollunder (p1)d(p2)x(p3)" where I would simply put 1 for p1, 12 for p12, so that the die is a single d12 roll....BUT...I want the p3 to be a variable that is the appropriate skill/stat of the game? Let me explain.

    The RPG in question is "Dominion Rules" (old and free system: www.dominionrules.org where you can get the PDF as well as a link to Lulu to get a b/w printed book). It uses a "roll under but as high as you can get" system. A simple, single d12 for everything. A characters Ability Scores (Stats) has various Skills under them. Example, "VIGOUR" is a PC's general physical strength and ability to use it. Under VIGOUR are four default skills... Grip, Muscle, Climbing, Swimming. Lets say your PC has a VIGOUR of 5...each of the skills under it would also be 5, but the PC could increase those skills (but not VIGOUR), so he could have a Muscle of 7. To succeed you roll 1d12 and want a 7 or lower...but preferable a 7. Anyone opposing a skill rolls theirs; highest success wins; both fail, fail; one succeeds, other fails, the successful character wins.

    Now...the problem I can't figure out, is how to have an "Attribute" listed as "VIGOUR 5", or a skill of "Muscle 7", and use THAT as the 'roll under'. Bonus points if it can also figure out how much you made/failed the roll by (e.g., if a 7 and a roll of 3 comes up, it would say "Success, by 4 points" or something.

    I tried to figure out how to just use the "/mod +5" and use it...but can't get it to accept it as the Target Number....it keeps adding it to the d12 roll or just erroring out.

    Possible? Any hints/help? Thanks!
    (I'm still quite new to MoreCore).

    EDIT: Bonus points if you can figure out how to add a modifier to an Ability/Skill before using that total for the Target Number to roll under. (e.g., Muscle 7 with a +1 modifier to boost it to 8 then use that 8 as the (p3) target number for the actual d12 roll/test/check).
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    Guess you will have to create an entry for every Attribute with the 1d12 and than the value to roll under.
    And than put that roll on the character sheet.

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    I was afraid of that. That's a big "nope...". Take three dozen 'skills', multiply by 16 (12 of the die plus four more for typical bonus mods), and we get 192. And I haven't even tackled weapons or spells. Hmmm....

    Maybe Damned can add a "text with number" thing where you put in "ThingName" and assign it a value "##", and then choose what parameter in the dice formula it goes "(p3)". So I could create "VIGOUR", assign it a value that should be put in (p3), and then drag-n-drop that onto any Dice Roll that uses the Formula...and the Formula would simply assign the value to the (p3). (Ex: "VIGOUR 5 (Parameter p3)" where the only thing you see on the character sheet is 'VIGOUR 5').

    I'm still new to this, so maybe I can find a more acceptable work around other than writing up 200+ "Dice Rolls".
    Good thing I have a lot of time on my hands... LOL!

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    You don't have to prepare all of them. Just write the few you really need directly on your character sheet.
    Create one roll as a template (P1 and P2 filled in) to drag and drop and than edit the name and value of p3. And you are done.

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    Another issue, how do I setup pre-gens for my players. They log in and don't see them, but I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahoggya View Post
    Another issue, how do I setup pre-gens for my players. They log in and don't see them, but I can.
    Have you taken ownership of them? If so, you need to clean/release them.

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    Thanks, I realized that after. Should cut down on the amount of 'work' to do.

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