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    For me, I think just better contrast between the background and text - make the buttons a light gray, for example.

    For example: sample.png - i just changed the Characters button a light gray in MS Paint, as a comparison to the Classes button.

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    If you want to change the default button and are willing, you can easily unzip the extension, go into graphics/frames folder and replace the default button or edit it in photoshop and then rezip the contents and rename it to .ext.

    Yeah, I agree the new button is awfully dark for black text.

    Button changes here

    We deliberately moved away from visual sidebar buttons to textual sidebar buttons with this release. We had found over time that the visual buttons caused a lot of overhead in creating new rulesets, new themes, adding new record types, and more. In fact, about a quarter of the ruleset DLC developers had already moved to textual sidebar buttons before we considered this change, for exactly the same reasons.
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