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    Yes, as I stated, they're all Modiphius 2d20.

    However, the divergence in the core 2d20 system started with Mutant Chronicles ==> Conan (the damage dice are different in MC and Infinity...I prefer the Conan version, personally). And the divergence became greater with the simpler iterations of 2d20 aimed at a...simpler player base (devolving to the point where in John Carter, I'm currently put off by the system but still open to trying it one day).

    I get that Conan has more crunch than some folks can handle, but realistically, it's in the realm of D&D 5e when you look at it as a whole. I'm very concerned that Achtung Cthulhu and Dune will be closer to Star Trek in system representation than, say, Mutant Chronicles.
    Yep. I have GMd Conan too (and I don't like system balance, but that is another issue). I would like to create/have Mutant Chronicles basic mechanics, so that it is playable and blanks can be filled like it is done in GURPS system (FG).
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