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    Ah alright thank you. I didn't realize that it would be something that would work across every sheet. I have yet to use FG without MoreCore. ^^'

    I'll try looking for the extension, maybe I'll have more luck than you.

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    Wide Ps Extension

    I didn't have any luck finding the original post it's attached to either, but here's a copy of the one I snagged back in January.

    Edit: Found it! @damned You should add this to the extensions in your MC Info post.
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    Thanks a lot! Gonna test it straight away.

    On a side note a bug report:

    Only MoreCore is active, no theme. Opening the groups tab and creating a new group works, but the console opens and spits out the following script errors:
    [4/16/2021 2:27:07 PM] [ERROR]  Script execution error: [string "campaign/scripts/masterindex_window.lua"]:364: attempt to call field 'setRecordType' (a nil value)
    [4/16/2021 2:27:07 PM] [ERROR]  Script execution error: [string "campaign/scripts/masterindex_list.lua"]:39: attempt to index field 'idelete' (a nil value)

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    groups and places are deprecated.
    they are still there to allow people to migrate their data
    use World Builder instead - it replaces groups and locations, is more powerful, has more fields and, well, it works and the others no longer do!

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    Oh good to know. Thanks for the heads up!

    The Wide Ps Extension also works like a charm.


    Sorry to bother you again, but are these errors MoreCore related? Should I worry about them? These started happening while creating an linking abilities.

    [16.04.2021 17:30:41] [ERROR]  Object (DATABASENODE) deleted without cleaning up attached Lua object.
    [4/16/2021 5:32:31 PM] MEASURE: MODULE LOAD - 0.2767363 - Exalted 3rd Edition Basis
    [4/16/2021 5:32:44 PM] MEASURE: MODULE LOAD - 0.3167721 - Exalted 3rd Edition Basis
    [4/16/2021 5:34:00 PM] [WARNING]  Frame tabs contains out-of-range values in BottomLeft.
    [4/16/2021 5:35:16 PM] Campaign saved.
    [4/16/2021 5:40:17 PM] Campaign saved.
    [4/16/2021 5:45:17 PM] Campaign saved.
    [4/16/2021 5:49:41 PM] Tabletop scene exiting.
    [16.04.2021 17:49:41] [ERROR]  Object (DATABASENODE) deleted without cleaning up attached Lua object.
    [16.04.2021 17:49:41] [ERROR]  Object (DATABASENODE) deleted without cleaning up attached Lua object.
    [4/16/2021 5:49:41 PM] Launcher scene starting.
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