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    Reddit Monster a Day Savage Worlds Conversion 100+ Monsters.

    So Reddit has a Monster a Day compendium you can check out. Its full of some pretty badass monsters. Some of which, now that I am playing Savage Worlds, I would really like to use inside Fantasy Grounds. So I converted them from 5e to SW over the last 3 months and created a module for FG, complete with Tokens and images.

    I'm new to SW and converting monsters isn't my specialty, but I found some great online resources to help me along like this one.

    You will see the monsters still have a "D&D" flavor to them by the way I entered the info.

    Anyways if you own FG and want 100+ new monsters with tokens and images enjoy.

    If you find anything in error, like misspelled text or have suggestions on how to make this better. Please comment here.

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    That is a great tool there, does it output a monster that can be easily parsed into SW using the community parser in this forum?
    I might have to convert all my homebrew monsters too :P

    Great work on the module too man.

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    You're better off using the NPC Maker than Par5e for Savage Worlds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mask_of_winter View Post
    You're better off using the NPC Maker than Par5e for Savage Worlds.
    Yea that's the one I was referring to. The big bulk importer extension.

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    This is great! I will absolutely be using some of these in my current steampunk horror campaign :-)

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    Yes it does. At the bottom you can click on "Show the Combat Simulator statblock." and then you can copy it and use SW NPC Maker to import the monster into fantasy grounds

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    Thanks for that. And thanks again for this great module

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    Has anyone done page listing free modules and extensions like this? Is there a section for them in the Wiki? If not, how do we go about making that happen? Although it's nice to discover things by poking around this forum, a lot of things aren't easy to find...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodney418 View Post
    Has anyone done page listing free modules and extensions like this?
    Look at the sticky threads at the top of the relevant (rulesystem) forum or in the Armory.

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    Yeah, but that's still a lot of poking around trying to figure out what does what. An actual dedicated file repository would be a lot easier, especially for new GMs just starting up.

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