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    Summoner Eidolon in FG

    So I just bought the Advanced Players Guide for FG and was disappointed to see that there are no links provided to drag and drop to a Summoner's Eidolon. I was going to create the Eidolon as a separate character. How is this typically done if FG?

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    I don't have the Advanced Player's Guide, but one of my players plays and unchained summoner. He just created a second character that is his eidolon. He just built it as he would build a character and made use of the notes tab for the evolutions. Otherwise, it is just like an additional player. It uses the feats section, has it's own spell actions and effects. The drag and drop might not have worked with the eidolon just because of all the options that could be changed on it.
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    Perhaps build it using PCGen or Herolab and then either write everything in, or attempt a import. Since it's not a spellcaster it should import fine.
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    I ended up just creating another character for the Eidolon as suggested. I just entered the evolutions as Special Abilities and copied the text from the PDF and pasted into the ability description. Took a little extra time but wasn't a problem. Now I need to find a game to use it in...

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