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    Translating Code

    I've been working on modifying the BRP client.xml to create a campaign specific library file.

    in the client.xml file there is a line of code

    <source type="string">[email protected] Game System X</source>

    I have figured out the source of the first part, but I cant find where the portion after the @ sign are specified. I havnt tested it yet but I am concerned that part of the test will prevent my custom library file from working.

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    Database references with an @ are referring to modules. The text after the @ is the module name. See the final paragraph here:

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    as defined in the definition.xml in the root of the file?

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    Yes, it's the name used in the definition.xml for the module.

    If the link is within the same module, then you don't need to include the module name; it is assumed to be the same.


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