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    Hi, I wonder would be nice to have a career module that we could have on the side like: Objects, NPC, Story.
    Just to simplify the module

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    With Games Workshop being copyright douches, you'll have to make your own. That's what we did

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    What information slots would you want?

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    We identified a bug i think on tuesday.

    I hit several of the characters with critical hits and i went to their sheets to add their insanity points...only to find that they had far fewer than i remembered from last week. I updated their insanity totals to what i thought they should be and we carried on. Then we had some internet issues and two of the players lost connection. When they re-joined, their IP were 0. I am not sure if this is a ruleset issue or a FG one, but i can get my players to try and recreate it next week if that helps?

    I have just loaded up the campaign, and two of the characters have 3 and 2, which are correct, and the others have 0 and 1 when they should be 3 and 7 respectively.

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    For the career it would be the description (empty), the profile (main and secondary), Skills, talents, trapping, Entries and exits.
    Everything empty so you can create a nice module with every careers you can create.

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    I found the issue. They need to be updated from the XP Tab. Updating from the main tab isn't linked correctly. I will correct this as soon as I can. I will be on the road for a few days and get to this next week.

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    I think I could do this. Let me look into it. I will report back.

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    What tag do i use to code a bonus to armor points in effects? Like, if i want to make an effect for Aethyric Armor that adds +3 to the armor points on all locations? Example: Aethyric Armor; [tag]: 3 all What would the tag be? Also, how do i create an effect that applies to attacks against the target who has a Condition in effect? For example, the Defensive Stance action: opponents get a -20 to WS against the target. I'm not clear on the syntax.

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    You can use either:

    They would both be placed on the attacker.

    For the Armor, there is not currently a way to add that effect. I have it in 40k. Let me look at how I did that, and work it into the WHFRP.

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    New .pak posted. See the first post in the thread.

    I added a new base effect "Defensive Stance" for use. Rather than apply a modifier to each attacker, a PC using this stance applies the effect to themselves and each NPC attacking them will have the -20 taken into account on their attack rolls. Use as:
    Defensive Stance;

    I added the effect "ARMOR". The values are 1 to 10 and -1 to -10. Use as:
    This will add 1 point of armor to the actors Damage reduction used in the damage calculations.

    I fixed the issue with the insanity resetting. The Insanity number on the PC sheet main tab should be read only. It is now. Apply all adjustments to stats using the XP tab. This makes it consistent with the rest of the stats.

    I have added a "careers" library so they can be added and exported as a module.
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