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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Hammer View Post
    How do you roll a ten then? A 00/0 is 100. A 10/0 comes up as 20.
    Nope, 00/0 isn't possible. As you said, the second die is 1-10 not 0-9, therefore you have 00/1 = 1 and 00/10 = 10

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    I put Talents to proper place but when I drag&drop to character sheet system put there html code. How I can eliminate it?

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    What are you dragging and dropping? Did you build custom library modules? If you have some old library modules from previous versions of Warhammer 2ed by Nezzir I doubt they would be compatible.

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    Hi Paul.

    Its posible to mark with a text or color the Fumbles? 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 100. This is an opcional rule based on WHFRPG 1ed

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    Let me see if I can do something with an optional rule for this.

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    Any updates on this jewel?
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    Hey there folks, I've been having problems with effects with this ruleset recently, I dl'ed the newest update of course, neither me nor my players can drag effects from the character sheet. We get the following error. Effects added manually in the tracker or via the effects menu work normally.
    Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/spell_manager.lua"]:17: attempt to call field 'evalEffect' (a nil value)
    Sorry if I am lax with details but we just finished a session and it's 6:30 AM. So, I'll talk to all of when I am not exhausted! Have a jolly good day everyone!

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    New .pak posted to the first post in this thread.

    This will correct the error when dragging effects from the character sheet to the CT.

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    Thank you Paul!

    For the any next updates it will possible to add an option on trappings for Dwarfs Characters : Carry Limit (Strenght x20) (Carry Option: Old World Armoury)?

    Thank you for your amazing work

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    Let me look into this. I think I can do something.

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