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    I would join in the madness.

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    New .pak file uploaded to the first post.

    Added features:
    1. Slaughter Margin. On the Set Up tab a cycler for Slaughter Margin was added. This can cycle through the levels named in the Old World Bestiary - Very Easy, Easy, Average, Routine, etc.

    2. Filter by Slaughter Margin in the NPC Library: Please note, that until NPC's have their Slaughter Margin cycled to a setting there will be nothing to filter. Go to each NPC, cycle the Slaughter Margin to set a value, and the filter will populate.

    3. Dark Magic Talent support added. There has been a check box added to the spell list for Dark Magic. When checked the extra die will be cast for the roll, and the lowest die will be dropped. The chat report will state the low die as "Dark Magic (#)". I colored the first die of the roll red to make it different from a standard cast roll to assist in identifying a Dark Magic roll. The low die is not added to the cast roll per the rules on the talent, but is evaluated for Chaos Manifestations per the rules.

    4. Option added to have movement on the character sheet reported in squares or in yards.

    5. House rule option added for those that use 1e style Critical Fumbles. This rule works as follows: if an attack misses, and a double (44, 55, 66, etc.) was rolled then the chat report will state "Critical Fumble". It is not tied to a table for an automatic fumble result roll. So, if using this house rule, a table will need to be built and rolled on to determine further results.

    6. House rule option added to report success/failure levels from an attack roll when no target is indicated. This was added by request and may be useful for others if you desire a roll with results without needing to set everything up in the CT. The option does this: If option is cycled to "on", when a player rolls an attack from their sheet and has no target, the results of the roll will be displayed with success and failure against their own WS or BS. Similar to a skill or characteristic roll.
    Last edited by Paul Pratt; February 6th, 2020 at 17:23.

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    Damn thats a big update!

    Seriously, can't thank you enough Paul! I'll send some 'Enemy Within' maps that I'm making as part of a campaign bundle your way soon, appreciate this!

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    You are the man, Paul!
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Great. Thanks for the improvements

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