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    I am confirming that the NPC weapon shortcut issue is fixed

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    Updated .pak file with small changes for compatibility with FG 3.2.2 release.

    Updated Enhanced Images with 40k theme file from Trenloe's 2.04 version
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    OK I want to add to this project > 5E shouldn't get all the love...


    I removed the MODs > sorry community

    Mods removed > I don't feel like being sued by FFG - big shout out to FFG & Games Workshop for being soooo (there's a word for it) that the IP is never supported nor encouraged - way to go!

    Maybe in another 15 years they can advance the time line for maximum profits when most of their "80s" players are over 60

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    Morbid, what ruleset is this for? What is DH2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bidmaron View Post
    Morbid, what ruleset is this for? What is DH2?
    Dark Heresy...

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    I did it for "this ruleset" tho if splitting hairs - all the info comes from Dark Heresy 2nd Edition Core Book at the moment...

    I went in well beyond that and also have Items from the Inquisitor's Handbook (1st Edition DH) and am working on The Lathes World gear soon!
    When I'm done I'm going to have all the gear from all the books including RT, OW, BC, and DW aka muhahahhahaha!


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    New features added. New .pak added to the first post.

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    Should I add this as a 2E version on this wiki page?


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    This would replace the version there currently. Same rules, just updated to work with 3.2+.

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    I've updated the link in the wiki for Dark Heresy to point to this thread.


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