A Fantasy Grounds Adventure for Low Level Characters
by Thomas Reid
Compiled for Fantasy Grounds by Kevin W. Melka

Your adventure begins here! Designed by famed Dungeons & Dragons writer Thomas Reid as the definitive introductory adventure for both players and game masters, Orcfest introduces a structured d20 campaign for low-level characters. Orcfest is the perfect start-up adventure for use with the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. It is a rollicking quest that culminates in a climatic battle against an orc war chief and his army.

This product is being released as both a Fantasy Grounds Adventure, and with the PDF of the original published product. The PDF product contains information for beginning players, and comes complete with lots of advice for players and the GM on how to run a successful adventure. There is also lots of extra background information about the Orcfest adventure itself.

This adventure PDF contains a unique layout to teach novice players and game masters all the essentials of running a D&D game. Instructive notes are presented right along with the adventure material, providing valuable pointers for novice game masters. This PDF introduces the game master to D&D a little bit at a time, starting with the basics and adding new layers as the game progresses, making this one of the most unique products in the d20 market!

Orcfest is an adventure for 1st - 2nd levels characters suitable for any campaign setting. This downloadable product contains everything you need to play this adventure with the Fantasy Grounds software. The Fantasy Grounds download is priced at $6.00, and can be downloaded at:


The download version that contains both the Fantasy Grounds adventure and the PDF of the original product is priced at $12.00, and can be downloaded at:


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