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    Quote Originally Posted by sjbehindthescreen View Post
    Thanks Theogeek, for updating. I like the more verbose text in the chatlog, and now Critical and Max work perfectly. But the 5e HALF modifier button doesn't work for me whether I load the extension or not. Weird.

    What results do you see? An example from my chatlog:

    [DAMAGE] Claw [HALF] [TYPE: slashing (2d6+7=16)]

    (that's 2d6 roll of 6 and 3)
    Initial Conditions:
    Improved Critical Extension set to "Max Damage Dice"
    Manual Modifiers: CRITICAL, HALF
    Weapon: Greatsword
    Barbarian Brutal Critical (for an extra crit dice)
    Rogue Sneak Attack (for the effect dice)

    Here's what I see as my output:
    [DAMAGE (M)] Greatsword [EFFECTS 1d6+2] [CRITICAL] [HALF] [ImprovedCritical OVERRIDING Damage Dice: (Die #1: d6, Normal Damage, overriding 2 with 6), (Die #2: d6, Normal Damage, overriding 1 with 6)] [TYPE: slashing (3d6+6=23)] [TYPE: slashing,critical (4d6=12)]

    <dice graphics and total>

    Damage [17] -> [to Aarakocra] [HALF] [STATUS: Wounded]

    Here's only HALF:
    [DAMAGE (M)] Greatsword [EFFECTS 1d6+2] [HALF] [TYPE: slashing (3d6+6=14)]

    <dice graphics and total>

    Damage [7] -> [to Aarakocra] [HALF]

    The HALF modifier is applied after the total normal damage is computed.

    Do you see that last HALF damage line?

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    I'm dumb. The half damage works just fine when you APPLY the damage, not when rolled.


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    Just updated with some code refactoring and an icon by Glassstaff!

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    Hi, TheoGeek. Will you be adding an update for the combine Vitality and Improved Critical module as well?


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    Quote Originally Posted by paladiusdarkhelm View Post
    Hi, TheoGeek. Will you be adding an update for the combine Vitality and Improved Critical module as well?

    That extension is not mine, but I did reply to trembot's thread about it.


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    Hi TheoGeek, This is a GREAT extension!
    But with the latest update (1.8), the IMMUNE and RESIST effects no longer work.
    I am testing 5e with no other extensions present.

    If yourself or others are unable to replicate, please post so I know to look at something else.

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    Thanks for the kind words! I'll take a look and see what I can see. I take it 1.7 worked for these effects?

    I should also create some kind of test procedure or something..hehe

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    It had worked previously. Had never thought to check otherwise.

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    Got it! Stupid coding error.

    Uploaded v1.9
    Last edited by TheoGeek; July 16th, 2019 at 01:13.

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    Many thanks TheoGeek for the timely response.

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