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Thread: non D20 gaming

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    non D20 gaming

    I was wondering if Fantasy Grounds is able to work with non D20 games such as 2nd edition AD&D, GURPS, Star Frontiers, the Conan game from TSR and the marvel Superheroes RPG from TSR?

    As you can probably tell I dont buy too many new games.

    Are there workarounds available?

    Any other old timers out there using archaic systems with Fantasy Grounds?

    Thanks, Jeff
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    "marvel Superheroes RPG "

    I don't see why it wouldnt work, you would need to make a new character sheet, I have not tried it but some around here have and have said it is not that hard.
    Wow, I miss Marvel Superheroes......

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    There is a rule set for 2nd ed ad&d out there.

    I think its on Elrics site. I'd have to look for the url though.


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