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    shops and forums.

    Does FG have a shop or service thru which one might sell third party assets, intended for use with FG?
    if not.... whats everyones preferential forums for shopping for their maps and assets. and does anyone know anything about the respective traffic volumes and shop tarrifs?

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    SmiteWorks does allow some third party publisher to sell through their shop, but it is limited. I believe it is limited because of the backend effort involved as well as the legal issues.

    The DMsGuild.com is, imo, the best method for selling 5E related FG resources. Some people use One Book Shelf (drivethrurpg, dmsg, etc) to sell other assets. And I think a few people have their own personal webstores, but I'm not sure about that.

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    the tokenset ive created, is persistent spells and effects from 5e, and theyre designed and scaled to work with FG as it currently exists, without layer extentions or any of the other plugins or scripts i have heard mention of. therefore given that these were created specifically with 5e and FG in mind i reckon either forum would be an appropriate marketplace.
    i have checked out drivethrurpg and roll20forums as well as cartographers guild. its difficult to work out the traffic volume and demographic that runs thru all these sites and services... thank you for your reply sir.

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    For most products the volumes are not huge. Send an email with a sample of the product and what you envisage the product to contain when finished and a price point to [email protected] and see what response you get...

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