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    Improved Spell Library

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    Nice work.

    Was your intent to use exactly the same module name in the XML definition (PFRPG Spells) as the standard spell library that comes with FG? This essentially completely overwrites and blocks use of the standard PF spells and would override any links that were specifically for that module.

    Now, you might think that this module is the best thing since sliced bread (and you might be right) and that it should override the standard module, but I don't think providing a community module that does this is a good idea.

    Would you mind changing the module name so that it's not clashing with the base product, please?

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    Changed the name identifier to PFRPG Archive Spells.

    So it should play nice. Personally I never used the built in library as it was too limited.

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    First off, thank you. One can become an habituated downloader and collector of stuff off the internet, and lose sight of the fact that this stuff owes its existence to the hard work and devotion of actual people.

    Second, can someone offer guidance on the comparison, or relationship between: pfsrd_archive_spells.mod and PFSRDCompletePaizoSpells.mod


    - s.west

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    No relationship, Trenloe's spell module is derived from the community spell database which was last updated in 2014. Mine I literally source from a number of sites, cross-reference them, then compile it into a single unified database which I then format for FG (and other platforms) It's automated so the next time there's a new raft of spells, I can run it and always be current. If I lose a datasource, I can switch to a few backups.

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    How much do I have to bribe you to do one for magic items?
    A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, stab it in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken L
    No relationship..
    Thanks for the explanation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaihir Scout
    How much do I have to bribe you to do one for magic items?
    Yes... as "an habituated downloader and collector of stuff off the internet" that was my next question as well.

    - s.west

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    Nice job Ken L!

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    Trenloe's Library was the first I believe, I personally used a hacky old version I wrote during lunch break that also used the same spell database. It was attached to trenloe's topic from last year. This is simply an evolution of that by switching my database to a literal data-mining platform.

    I also have an equipment library somewhere, last updated a year ago, I believe it may be in the sticky topic for modules. I should probably run another fresh scrape; I'll post an updated equipment library later tonight.

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    Needs an "all spells" index.

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