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    How deep is too deep?

    Anyone have recomendations on where I should stop when makinmg up my own ruleset?

    By default the d20 ruleset just contains the database, frames and icons folders.
    But, some of the stuff I want to mess with is in the data folder.
    By copying the data folder into my ruleset I can mess with this stuff (e.g. making the token box bigger)

    :?: Am I just asking for trouble :?:
    When a new patch is released will I have to manually go through all of the xml files, determine what has changed and manually update my ruleset with the changes?

    Is it wise to only change what I absolutely need to change?

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    Yeah, I discovered this, but fortunately it was a minor fix that Goblin-King so aptly pointed out to me. I guess that you must decide if it's worth the trouble. I think that for myself, I will avoid this in the future.

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    Well wish me luck, since I've dived in with both feet and customised a lot of files now

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    Well, good luck. It certainly opens up a lot of possibilities, and I hope it work out for you.
    Honor et Gloria

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    One tool that may help you is a good diff-ing tool. Beyond Compare 2 (I have no affiliation, this is just what I'd recommend) allows you to compare first two folders side by side, then compare the contents of individual files to find newly inserted lines, deleted text, modified text etc.

    Google for Beyond Compare 2 if you're curious.

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    Another diff tool (and free) is WinMerge. It also has side-by-side comparison of folders and files.


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