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    Dear lord there must be a better way

    Good evening all,
    I am attempting to bring a custom version of Star wars into FG. This requires extensive modification to the character record pages. After spending 3 hours with gimp to get the charsheet_main file working I am shuddering when looking at the skill lists. Please, please, please tell me that there is an easier way to do the other sheets. Pixel by pixel manipulation is making my brain hurt in ways that I didnt know existed.

    Thank you for either easing my pain or getting a good laugh out of this.

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    I'm going to assume you mean the text labels and the number boxes, and the graphics related to those.

    Check out rulesets\d20\d20_adventure.xml (The [...] represents stuff deleted from the example for clarity, not actual XML):

    	<static value="HD" />
    <stringcontrol name="hd">
    	<frame name="controlarea" offset="4,2,2,1" />
    This way you don't have to create it all in the bitmap.

    Why didn't we do the default d20 ruleset like this? There are more graphical elements the computer has to draw when you use something like this. Most new or pretty new computers should handle this ok even for a larger skill list such as the d20 set, but we wanted to make it as easy on the low end computers as possible.

    Was this any help?
    Tero Parvinen
    Fantasy Grounds Guru

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    If you mean what I think you mean, then I say that instead of putting all the skills on the sheet from the beginning, make the skills as a windowlist and have the players create a new entry for each skill that they have. In that way you dont have to make graphics and XML-definitions of all skills, just for an "empty" skill that the player could type himself what that skill is.

    Is that what you meant?

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    Yes, your example was helpful. After attempting to rewrite the entire charcheet.xml I have come to agree with what Crusader mentioned below you. I could either key in all the skills or just let the players do the hard part.

    I also think that I was overdoing it a bit much in attempting to rewrite the entire charsheet ui. I am probably better off using an image of a standard character sheet then attempting to modify the existing setup.

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