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    Can I go online with my Adventure League Character?

    Aloha all. I have a level 1 Cleric that just started season 4. I know you have to exit Barovia but if he does, can he come online and join a season 5 adventure? Or should I draw up another character and start tracking it instead?

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    Yes. As you said, he'd have to get out of Barovia, but yes. Your AL-legal character is portable anywhere. You can move him from store-to-store and store-to-online-to-home-back to online, whatever. You just have to keep the Adventure Log updated.

    When I come home from my FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) I spend a few minutes updating my paper log and my paper character sheet (I use this one from DMsGuild) then I open up Fantasy Grounds Manage Characters and update the same character there. I do use the AL Log on the character sheet, but I also keep it updated on ALOnlineTools also (although ALOT can use your PDF from step 1 if you wish). That facilitates joining online games.

    All in all about 15 minutes unless I level.

    I do all the same things when I'm done with an online game,
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