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    I will be streaming my Tuesday and Wednesday night session (7pm central) that I DM on twitch at I run a 5E homebrew style game in both sessions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosco View Post
    I used to stream a lot a couple years ago mostly commentating races for the online service I left leaving the streaming to my friend who started our sister channel Offcambertv. While I have remained close to many of the people I hung out with we are going to start streaming D&D5e on my old channel.

    Game Time With Rosco will be streaming in the next few weeks.
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    Hmmm. I thought I had listed my stream in here.

    I stream on Tuesdays @ 7 PM CST. We just finished Curse of Strahd last week, and we're starting Session ZERO for Storm King's Thunder tonight. (Character creation, discussing campaign details, going over "table rules", introducing everyone, etc.)
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  4. #64 has a D&D custom made campaign that runs every other Saturday. "The Adventure In Adelmar" has been going for over a year and they have their past stuff on YouTube.

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    Starting a new stream this week.

    Wednesday 9-11pm EDT (Thursday 0100 UTC)
    D&D 5E, Ultimate Undermountain
    Streaming at:
    And videos will be posted:

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    It's not a twitch stream but I do have a podcast of my current running game.

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    Come check out the Most Ordinary D&D Group on the Prime Material plane every Thursday night at 8pm central.
    Currently running ToA - the group just entered the tomb!

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    Hey all,

    I'm Saz and I run a gaming session for my Number One Geek channel on Twitch and Youtube.

    Our 5e game is called Geeks and Dragons and usually happens on Saturdays from 10pm (GMT/BST) as long as I am not busy. I am taking new players to D&D and taking them through their first campaign.

    Playlist can be found here:

    You can see us live at

    Thanks for reading.

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