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    Just finishing up that conversion. Should be to SmiteWorks within a week, then approval by Steam, and it'll be out.
    Thanks for that update Rob. I can't wait to run it, and you know how much I appreciate being kept in the loop. Not too sure about the gentleman part , but you're certainly a scholar and pillar of the FG community! - JK

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    I see this is a bit of an old thread but I thought I'd throw my own stream in here that I just started a few months ago. I have just recently reached Affiliate from my D&D stream alone (tried for almost a year streaming other games to 1 viewer) so I am super stoked to grow from here. I am using FGU with Ultimate license. I am running the campaign in my own homebrew D&D world of Thoridan which is comparable mostly to Forgotten Realms. The campaign will involve multiple story Arcs consisting of multiple chapters of about 8 sessions or so. We are on Chapter 2 (Price of Vengeance) of the first Arc which the characters are involved in helping with achieving revenge against an evil barbarian tribe with delusions of conquest. In Chapter 1: Path of Vengeance, we used some free built in content from an old Adventurer's League module but now we have moved into custom content as I have gotten comfortable with the tools. Please come check it out Tuesdays, 9:30pm - midnight PST) on my Twitch Channel: VampyreLogan.

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