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    Translation to English ruleset TDE

    Hi and thanks for info!
    How did you edit the Pak file for translation?

    Do you have the translated Pak for 5beta?
    Cheers dan

    Quote Originally Posted by Imiri View Post
    So far only 4th is fully supported (but TDE is 5th not 4th). 5th has only the beta ruleset which is to different to the final English rules the TDE players know.

    You can try to do the English translation yourself. Did that for the beta of the 5th once.

    No official ruleset in sight - even so that might change.

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    Just open the .pak-file which is a zip file renamed. go to the folder strings and open the file and edit them with an editor like notepad or notepad++
    Thats quite easy - but so far i have not done it for all of them, as changing the functionality from BETA to fifth edition is so much more complicated than this. See attached file as an example.
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    Thanks for the information. I will ask Ulisses. It might help getting more players into TDE DSA... And great while the Kickstarter campaigns are running too...

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    Good luck and tell me if there is some new development. As far as I heared from it is not an easy task.

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