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    When linking to another module, there is no around loading the module it links to unless the data is duplicated within the same module. Personal use modules can be merged and streamline data to the same module. If this is being used for public use or commercial and it links to a paid product it would need to be linked and not duplicated.
    OK I got it now.. So the splitting is only to best organize the data...
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    Is there any guidance on creating modules when using the Unity image tools to create your Maps?

    My understanding is that when you use the Unity painting tools to create an image using objects from an assets folder is that the image file that would be exported when you create a module will actually contain references to the asset folder that those objects came from. Anyone who wanted to use the module would need to have the same assets folders that the module creator did or the image would not render correctly. So if I were to create a module with maps that used some of the beautiful art from the FG Art Packs, those maps would not be useable unless anyone using the module had those same art packs.

    Is the answer to create you own custom assets in the Campaign data folder, and then only draw maps using the assets from the campaign folder. So those custom assets would be exported when the module is created.

    Or am I completely off base here?

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    Your assessment is correct in that the user will need access to the same assets as you used to create the image. So you will need to also create the assets used if you want the user to be able to utilise the completed image. You can create a module with just assets in it - see here for details https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...es+Decorations. You'll then need to export the map into a second module and provide both the exported map module and the assets module. (I think).
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