With the announcement for FG Con 9 just being made, I decided to have a quick look back over my admin docs from the previous 8 conventions.

What started as a random idea in a Fantasy Grounds forum post (I wish I could find that post somewhere) where the idea of a Fantasy Grounds convention was aired around, but it was obvious that nothing would happen unless someone stepped up and took charge. I was more nave and had more hair back then... From humble beginnings (about a dozen games, all organised through the Fantasy Grounds forums) FG Con has built to be a regular twice-yearly event with over 50 sessions ran during the convention weekend, covering many different RPG systems and including two organised play campaigns (Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurers League).

Pulling up my admin spreadsheet for FG Con 1 (Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd July, 2012) I see a number of names that will be familiar to forum regulars and some that have drifted away over the years, in no particular order: lachancery, Skellan, Blackfoot, Dakadin, khersheyjr, DrZeuss, wbcreighton, Ardem, damned, bennis1980, phantomwhale, Doswelk, Dracones and Madman. These were all people who got involved with running games at, and advertising for, FG Con in it's infancy - thanks to everyone and thanks to those who I may have missed off that list. And thanks to Doug and John at Smiteworks for supporting us in getting FG Con off the ground.

Here's a TeamSpeak screenshot of games on Saturday morning:
FGCon Saturday am.JPG

And the final games on Sunday evening:
FGCon - Sunday evening.JPG

I'm looking forward to playing with old FG friends in FG Con 9, and making some new ones.

Look out for further announcements regarding how you can get involved in FG Con 9 - Friday 14th - Sunday 16th October, 2016!