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    Qabbal Campaign schedule

    Gentlemen ...
    This coming Sunday (August 28th) I'll be online from 8 PM GMT to about midnight for final character finishes and to deal with any questions.
    Sunday September 4th we start in earnest - can I provisionally suggest an 8PM GMT start - let me know if this is too early.

    Dirgham - background needed
    Saedric - background needed
    Tassaldar - virtually done (?)
    unnamed (Ramza) - character under construction
    Valhallen - virtually done (?) - absent for the first few sessions ?

    I believe the alias has ironed out log on fustrations ? Please contact me if this is not the case.
    The Yahoo Groups link below could be helpful in future scheduling and to avoid filling up FG's notice board ...

    The link below will eventually contain more info on the setting - bear with me !

    See you Sunday unless there are emergencies.

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    I had a look at your site out of curiosity - I hope you don't mind. I noticed you use Gods of Harn - cool. Do you use any other parts of HarnWorld?

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