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    Looking for game

    Hi all, im new to this program and would really like to try it out. Im an experienced DM and want to try the program out as a player (as much to play as to learn) before i decide if my guys need to get the program.

    For the rest of september im working day shift, 7am-3pm (PST) and would really like to try it out during that time. Im available pretty much anytime during that. If anybody needs another player please let me drop me a PM or an IM, im usually very close to the computer.

    Thanks alot for your time.

    The only thing I ever really loved, was Hate!

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    Im still very much looking for a game. So if anybody needs a good player whos new to the program i would love to get in on a game.
    The only thing I ever really loved, was Hate!

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    I'm able to play at roughly the same times and would be interested in a game also.

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    There we go, two players already, we just need two more players or so and a DM. Anybody up for it? I could Dm but i dont know the program all that well.
    The only thing I ever really loved, was Hate!

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    I could play after 8pm CST . I am waiting on my rpga GM cert (1 more week or so) otherwise I would have already downloaded some of the adventures to convert.

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    I am not sure what you mean by this, you are available to play while you work? LOL I need that job....

    Seriously though, I am availablr to play daily after 10 PM EST mon to Fri and that is about it. I already have a game that I DM on saturdays.

    I would be interested in watching, playing, or DMing if neccessary. (I love to test things out on people. Heh Heh.)

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    I've had FG for so LONG I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

    But I'm learning!

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    heh, i meant during september. Im able to play anytime after work. So 10pm EST would be 7pm here which would be perfect for me. If you want to work something out feel free to IM me (this goes for anybody interested) so we can see about getting things started.

    MSN [email protected]
    AIM Halflife1009
    YIM Slipknotdnd

    Hope to hear from ya
    The only thing I ever really loved, was Hate!

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    I desperately want to try this game out!!! I bought it, but now want to give it a run.

    I could play on a Friday night, if we could.

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    10pm eastern would work for me, probably any day is fine. I get home from work at 9pm eastern so that would actualy be perfect.

    Kalmarjan, did you say that you might be interested in DMing? Since a couple of us here appear to be new FG players I am sure we wouldn't mind if you DMed on the fly. I am still new to the program and pauses due to DMing on the fly won't bother me.

    I am a really fast typer though

    [email protected]

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    Ah. 10pm EST is too late for me :P Good luck guys.

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