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    The CKG is nice to have but not essential. The base ruleset is all you need if you want to run a game.
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    For the first four printings of Castles&Crusades there was no Caste Keepers Guide. The CKG is 100% optional. Ive got 3 copies of the damn thing and never opened it once
    Buy it for the $10 and you will find it contains everything you need and it is well maintained.

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    I did buy it last night
    I won't need options until/after I ever run it for my family or family/friends in future. I'm just a completist...i.e...a bit obsessive-compulsive. As I am still working on software, that won't be for a bit.

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    If you find yourself wanting the hardcovers of any C&C Products, send me a PM. I've put my C&C books into storage, and don't see myself needing them again.

    I backed all the C&C Kickstarters up to Lost City of Gaxmoor.

    So if you're looking for Gaxmoor, Three Sisters (Keeper/Player/Monster), Airhde, etc. Let me know.

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    Gaxmoor.... that sounds evocative Although, I thought I recalled that Blackmoor was Kuntz thing or Arneson? vs Gygax.

    I'm definitely going to want to get PDFs in the future, books are tricky because I am early home with time to read. I get most of my reading on commute and sometimes in bed before sleep. hardcovers are too bulky I carry around. I LOVE the hardcovers for RPGs but.. . between cost and needing the PDFs in addition, it doesn't make sense to buy the main 3 (player, monster, DMG/ckg) set twice.

    I hear there's a sale on drivethru in few days (too bad spent on the retro ADD books just before the site sale. but dunno if I feel in a position to buy them this time around. I have spent quite a bit on RPG and house stuff (prime day Amazon) recently.

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    Jumping in on this late...My first real foray into Fantasy Grounds has been C&C (I play in John D's game), and I absolutely love it. For me, it captures the old school feeling very, very well. I'm working on running my first tabletop/face-to-face game of C&C after having picked up a fair amount of C&C stuff at last year's GenCon..I'm going to convert the GDQ1-7 Queen of Spiders and run it for some old school fun.

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