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    Oh neat, is this actually happening?

    I would love to help in any way I can. My only programming skill is HTML though, so I don't know how much of a help I can be. Playtesting maybe... but if there is some way I can be of help let me know. - the online database of Japanese monsters

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    Sorry to bother you guys by resurrecting a 2-year-old thread. I was just in contact with the crew at FG, and their latest was that they are not planning anything for HM, and referred me to the MoreCore set. Then I discovered that there was some work on HM specifically, but it apparently died out. What is the latest news on this? Sorry for not reading through the entire MC thread; it is 110 pages long.

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    There was a bit of work on a Hackmaster set, but MoreCore doesn't support the kind of penetrating dice needed to play HackMaster, and the developer has said he has no interest in working on that. So I think that work got abandoned.

    While I realize that there aren't plans for a HM ruleset, the Kickstarter did say that FGU would support HackMaster's penetrating dice. That gives me hope.

    Once it's possible to include penetrating dice, it shouldn't be too hard to tweak the AD&D 2e Ruleset into a HM ruleset, then input everything in the free HackMaster Basic PDF to create free basic HM Ruleset. As far as I know, know progress has been made at this point, but I will probably give it another stab once FGU and penetrating dice are out. - the online database of Japanese monsters

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    @ CannedMan.
    Work has been sporadic. At this point, it's just a semi functional character sheet, but VERY much a work in progress. Kinda seeing what FGU brings us to decide how to proceed.

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