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    D&D 5e - Adding damaged received

    Hi, in my D&D 5e game I've created a type of "Hex" curse my night hags cast upon death, in which the cursed target receives +1d6 necrotic dmg on each instance it takes damage.

    Is there an easy way to code this in fantasy grounds to automatically add the 1d6 Necrotic when a player receives damage?


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    HI Zodiac, welcome to FG.

    You can't automatically add damage under such circumstances. Damage is inflicted by something so you need to have something to inflict it. The only automatic damage is the DMGO effect but that applies damage every turn. What you'll need is to set up an NPC with the damage line just like any other NPC has in their actions and either put that NPC on the CT or drag the damage line into one of your quickbar slots. Then when the player takes damage you will need to drag and drop the damage from the NPC attack line or from the quickbar to the player character.
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    IFT: CUSTOM(Hags Curse); DMG: 1d6 necrotic;
    put that on the monsters - every monster will need to have it added to them - so the easy way to do this is to add this to the 'effects' as a custom effect you can then just drag and drop - it will be 100% your responsibility to add this to all your monsters for this to work.

    Hags Curse;
    Add this to the player cursed - it would be useful to add this to the effects as a custom effect also - so you don't mistype or anything when applying it.

    That's how *I* would do it.

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