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Thread: From where

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    From where

    I'm from Belgium and i wonder from where you all come in the world. Maybe we can see what the best players are to play together (for the timedifference).

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    sorry, i live in québec, and i play in french because my english is not good

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    I live in Sweden, but my main motivation for getting Fantasy Grounds was that I wanted a way to be able to play more frequently with my existing players which have spread out over the years. As it is now we meet in person at a roughly 60-day interval and this will probably continue. So Fantasy Grounds is a supplement rather than a replacement.

    As it is now, I don't really have the time to spend more time on playing with others than my existing group. Sadly! Otherwise I'd be more than happy to try to convert people to the Goodness that is HarnMaster. :wink:

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    live in denmark, but also play with germans.
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    Another swedish player here.. hadn't played in a long while (no gaming group) But I have had fun with FG so far - the biggest problem is scheduling, to be able to attend the sessions.. But that isn't really unique to FG though..

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    Florida, USA... Home of the MOUSE :wink:
    And to you I wish...good food, fun, and times

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    Chicago, USA.


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    Boston, Massachusetts. Home of the world champion New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox.

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