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    2 mature (late 20s) players seek 3.5 game Monday evenings


    My friend and I would like to join a game that runs on Monday evenings in the US (CST/PST). We're open to many flavors of play--we mainly want to see what the FG gaming experience is all about.

    We're especially interested in using TeamSpeak, RogerWilco, or some other sort of voice chat instead of typing.

    If any DMs out there are looking to pick up two solid and commited players for an existing game or thinking about starting up a brand-new campaign, we'd love to hear about it! You can email me at

    dylanarena9 [at] hotmail [dot-com, of course]

    or you can just reply below.

    Thanks very much for your time,
    Dylan (and Matt)

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    Dylanarena, not a DM, and hope its cool to add to your thread as I too am a new player wanting to experience FG. I too am looking for a Monday game, game times are very flexible... my experience is very limited but eager to learn.

    Can be contacted [email protected]


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    guys ill be dm'ing a game on mondays i could use all 3 of you
    i dont have a teamspeak thing set up but i would like to do that too

    here is my post on my game

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    Great to hear Jasonisop... looking forward to it, please keep me posted via PMs or email.

    Seeya soon

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    Hey guys, I should be getting my Fantasy Grounds any day(bought from a friend who couldnt 'grasp' the concept, his loss, my gain). I would be most interested in setting up a game for some mature players that are in my timezone(pactime), or relatively close. I see Jasoniso game has been cancelled so if you, and whoever else is interested in Greyhawk, with a bit of Forgotten Realms content as well, setting then things could be looking up for you. Up till know I have been running games using OpenRPG(which is an awesome program for free!!), but FG is a bit more polished, and I think a bit easier for a neophyte(most anyways) too get the basic gist of it. I am a 'retread' in that I played a lot of DnD as a youth, but then grew away from the game, and now in my 30's just rediscovered the joys of DnD. Alas I dont have anyone nearbye to play tabletop with so this is the next best thing. I like a game that is a decent mix of damaging the enemy, and scheming to damage him further...
    My OpenRPG forrays have taught me a bit about running a game online and I think if we can get a decent group, 5-6 players I would think, we can be happening in no time. Ive allready tried the demo, and have had no troubles hosting or anything along those lines so we will be fine on that front. I expect to recieve my copy of FG tommorow, or the next day. He(my friend) mailed it to me last week, so get in touch if you like, [email protected] , and well set soemthing up. ps Oh yeah, Im into teamspeak, havent used it to play DnD , but have used it for other games, thought it would be useful so, look forward to trying it out, Im not the worlds greatest typer, so Itll be good.

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