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    Masque of the Red Death

    Anyone working on a ruleset of Masque?


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    That's kind of a cool idea, but I haven't seen it. Are you running that kind of campaign?

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    Currently playing in MotRD camp IRL. Thought it would be a REALLY cool setting for FG. It can be difficult to create the tension and suspense that really should be a part of the game when you are sitting across the table from each other. However, well written narration can really add to the atmosphere.


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    Just dawned on me that many people will not be familiar with MotRD. Masque of the Red Death is an expansion on Ravenloft (which is itself an expansion). It takes the Ravenloft gothic horror atmosphere and moves it to earth. The setting is Gothic Earth, 1890's.

    I say Gothic Earth because some things are different than the traditional history of earth. Being set in the 1890's provides access to lots of technology (Mario Veneti carries a sawed-off shotgun) but limits access to others (even platemail doesn't stop bullets, so bye bye armor). This changes the games in subtle ways (suddenly dex is a very much focused upon attrib and int becomes very important).

    Being set on gothic earth has some cool features as well. Access to lots of real historical records for those who are into that sort of thing, accurate maps, etc. Oh, and for our weapons and equipment, we use the Sears or Montgomery Ward catalog that was published in the 1890's! (You can pick up the reproductions from Amazon or eBay).

    It's a world full of the macabre, where things that go bump in the night are just as likely to be some foul creature as they are to be the wind.


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    Wow. I guess that's what the search function is for... Anyway, anyone done that ruleset since that time, yet?? Nah, really, Gothic Earth is one of the best settings (well, erm, for me) and i guess i just lack the talent and patience it takes to do the full ruleset...
    So, hmm, if anyone is still working on this, i could help. I fiddled with the xml a bit and it's not that hard to understand. I also have photoshop but unfortunately, lack any kind of knowledge in that domain... I mostly get enraged at it.

    Oh, and, since it's d20, it's okay i guess to do the ruleset? (don't flame me for that, i simply don't have a clue (read: care) about that kind of thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbobjack
    Oh, and, since it's d20, it's okay i guess to do the ruleset? (don't flame me for that, i simply don't have a clue (read: care) about that kind of thing...
    Its probably ok to do the rule set for your own use but you can't share it with others outside your group unless you have the publishers approval.


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