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    using fg in a rl game

    how well do you think fg would be to use on a laptop to organize and manage a game where my group is sitting in front of me rather than use it to manage an online game. would it be usefull at all or would i be better off using a specialized program for just that purpose. thanks in advance

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    I think there are other programs better suited for this. I've seen some recommended but don't know their names off the top of my head.

    Dm genie? I'm sure someone here can point you in the right direction.


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    Dm Genie is solid and my preference. www.dmgenie.com
    It has a 60 day full trial version.

    Digital Assistant is so-so but i think that it is not in developement anymore and i forget the addy to it.

    There are a few other good ones that you can google, but i did not think they were on par with dmgenie, although new releases may have brought them up a notch.

    I suggest you try the demo of DMGenie and if you don't like it look for something else. Ohh yeah, roleplayingmaster is another one i tried, but it's got more of a learning curve than dmg, does not look as good, and imho not as functional.

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