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    Conan 2d20 Spreadsheet

    Hello everyone,

    Today I finished up my Beta version of the Character Creation Spreadsheet. This is just a Beta version and I hope you can download it and test it, in case you find bugs or you have suggestions you can open ticket at the sourceforge website and you can post your suggestions at the forum section of sourceforge.

    Now that the spreadsheet is complete, I will start working on some GM tools such as NPC creation etc.

    I am glad to hear from you and I hope you enjoy it

    SourceForge link for the Spreadsheet : https://sourceforge.net/projects/con...0-spreadsheet/

    ------Project Features

    * Notify users once they open the Spreadsheet if a new version is online to download
    * Fully and 99% automatical Character Creation according to Modiphius Rules
    * Advanced Character Creation (For campaigns that players start already with Experience points to invest)
    * Guidelines on how to use the Spreadsheet properly
    * Full list and details of Equipment , Belogings
    * Confirmation (Approved / Disapproved) on armory if a user pick armor that cover same hit locations
    * Seperated Inventory items and auto calculation of encumberance (Low Load, Heavy Load and corresponding Penalties)
    * Full list of Lotuses and uses
    * Full list of Spells
    * Full list of Hyborian Deities
    * Printable Character Sheet (3 Pages)

    ------To Do List

    *NPCs In service of The Players
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    Great job, and Welcome to the forums and FG community!
    Paul Grosse
    PCGen BoD
    PR Silverback

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    Thank you for your warm welcome Nylanfs and thank you for your kind words about my work I will keep it up to date when more books release. I will have in few days ready part of GM tools with the monster creator hope you guys like it

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    Updated with Features table and Todo List

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    -Added another one spreadhseet named GM Tools
    -NPC Builder with statistics, Special Abilities, Doom Spends etc
    -Complication database with 137 premade Complications for the Gamemaster
    -For the first time you have the option to add your own Complications to the database and get even more options!
    -Fixed a bug that the auto-updater didn't work properly

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