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    Looking for up to 4 players for an Eberron game

    I purchased FG months and months ago becsue I think it's a pretty cool piece of software. The only down side is that it can be difficult to find players if you don't have a pre-existing group. I don't, really. I DM and play in a lot of play-by-post games on the Wizards boards, but the moderator has vanished without a trace so no one can start a new game. I returned to FG and discovered a small but thriving community, so I thought I'd give it another shot.

    Basically, I want to start with a small one-shot "flashback" adventure, taking the PCs back to the Day of Mourning. If all goes well and everyone has a good time, we can jump four years into the future and start a proper campaign. I'd allow anything from the ECS, the 3.5 SRD, and possibly other books (I'll be occasionally using equipment from Arcana Unearthed and bits and pieces from other Wizards books).

    Is anyone interested?

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    Definatly interested, have yet to play in the eberron setting and am anxious to try it out.

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    Count me In

    I would like to get in the game. Im not particularly familiar with the campaign setting and have yet to be in a FG game but I would love to play. Will you be allowing the completes (Warrior, Arcane, Divine, Adventurer)?

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    Good! I have yet to DM it...

    I should probably add that it will probably be once every other week or so, and probably can't be on a wekend or a monday. Also, due t work it will have to be after 7:00 pm, Pacific time. That might knock out you east coasters unless you're a serious night owl.

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    well since i got you online i could go ahead and start looking into getting a char made, you have the creation guidelines set? Also if its possible to avoid Wednesdays because thats when i meet for my game irl. Thanks!

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    * Characters will begin at first level (and if you survive the flashback you'll be catapulted to 3rd) and should either be in the employ of the Cyran army or somehow be allied with Cyran on the Karrnath front. (for example, maybe you're from a non-Cyran Dragonmarked house sent to assist Cyran with some political dealings or espionage)

    * I'd rather avoid psionics if at all possible. I'm not comfortable with them just yet, and even though they're a part of Eberron, I'd rather hold off on dealing with them until I'm comfortable with Eberron itself.

    *Having a cool character concept is a must. You should have enough of a background that I can pull a fun NPC or two from it. I always like characters with a quirk or a secret (or both). You've grown up with the Last War raging around you. If you're Warforged, you know nothing else.

    *Just because you're a fighter/mage/priest/whatever doesn't mean you know you've got hero potential. Maybe you're just some poor ambassador who ended up in the wrong place or a wrong time... or a pastry chef who was unfortunate enough to be conscripted into the military.

    *Please clear any non-core or ECS equipment with me.

    *32 point buy. Your equipment should cost no more than 600 gold and is being provided by the Cyran military.

    *This flashback adventure will be combat heavy (though you should enjoy roleplaying if you want to play). The overall campaign will be a nice split between RP, combat, and intrigue. My hope is to get the ball rolling, then let you guys steer it.

    *I'm sure I'm forgetting something.[/list]

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    Ok ill work on a character concept and let you know. Ill try and stay within the core material and Eberron. Any idea when you wanted to start?

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    Mmm... dunno. Pobably not this week, but it'll take at least that long for everyone to get set up. Let's see if we can get all of the character sheets done by rinday and take it from there?

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    rinday? sorry but i really dont know what day you were trying to say.

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    Err... "Rinday" is how my people say "Friday". Yeah. :roll:

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