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    Is there any way to add a blanket +1 proficiency bonus?

    The effect from an Ioun Stone (Mastery) in particular, it adds a +1 proficiency bonus, and instead of manually changing everything, is there an effect that targets proficiency?

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    Not as such. You would need an effect like CHECK:1; INIT:1; ATK:1. That should cover everything - I think. The only problem is that you don't get a proficiency bonus for an ability check itself but you do get it for skills based on the ability. You'd need to switch off the effect when the PC was making a straightforward ability check.

    Oh, and for spells you'd need to adjust the Group DC.
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    There is a way.. but its not very elegant....
    In your PC sheet Main - Add in a new Class and Level enough to raise your prof bonus by 1 - Call it Prof level - make sure you have the level, no caster, and no hit dice, and your experience is the same as for your normal level.
    Your total level should be at a level to give you +1 Proficiency - but it shouldn't have any other game effect I am aware of

    Of course just delete the class if you ever lose the item

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