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    Interesting advice from all of you, thank you! I do plan to do some homebrew adventures, but also to do some published adventures. Really a mix. Probably more published for a while until I get particularly good at running on FG, which I'm still very inexperienced with right now. I think someday I'd like to have all the bestiaries to be honest! I like to support good publishers, I want to support FG, and I want as many options and graphics at my disposal as I can get. For now, I will just live with the SRD until I determine that I need something more, and then make my decision at that time.

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    If you are making your own adventures, but using stock foes, or stock foes with minor modifications, then the MM and 5EFoes and others like them will be of significant time savings to you.

    There's another one coming down the pipe soon which deals with adversaries that have class levels which I personally will get a maximal use out of based on how my games go.
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    :zoidberg: Why not both? :zoidberg:

    But I'm one of those whales that Smiteworks loves where I buy as much of the products as I can. Also par5e in as much monsters from as much sources as I can. If you want to, you can get Fifth Edition Foes from DriveThruRPG at a slightly lower cost and parse it yourself, same with the monster manual. But buying them from Smiteworks supports this great community aswell as the publishers. Win win

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