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    [Pathfinder] New Themes Available !


    you can find my work on my forum ....

    MODERATOR - links removed. These themes contain copyright protected material and/or don't follow the Paizo community use policy. Until they do I'm removing the links. Sorry, but the FG forums don't allow copyright protected material to be shared without the copyright owners consent. For more information see the discussion starting post #26.
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    very nice!

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    A little update for the Skull & Shackles theme ! Don't worry ! all themes work in english too


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    Amazing job
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    A new theme for Pathfinder Society is available now

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    I was wondering if the window frames for these have those annoying pieces of drop shadows that prevent clicks on thing below them?
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    Sorry Nickademus, I don't understand really your question I don't speak a good english
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    @Sasmira, any chance you'll be updating these with the new buttons that 3.2 introduced?

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    Ok !

    Second Darkness and Pathfinder Society are up to date.
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