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    Campaign building tutorial??


    I just purchased FG and am a bit dismayed about the lack of documentation.
    the manual seems useless for creating your own campaign.
    I am having great diffculties trying to build one.
    how do you copy from MSWord and paste into FG ( Ctrl C, Ctrl V doesn't seem to work) where is the list of commands I keep reading about?

    I spent of lot of time already figuring out the file structure, just to get server characters and tokens to work. Is it really this tough?
    what am I missing?

    any input is greatly appreciated.


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    Murder at Avedon Hill - Official site for novel being released February, 2007 (podcast release also begins February, 2007)
    Four Ugly Monsters - Honorary Monster, ret.

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    Be careful with the macro(s), as they are not 100% true to XML conversion. In WORD an apostrophe (') is different in an XML parser, and is not a valid XML character. If you look closely at an apostrophe in WORD you'll notice it has a slight slant. You literally have to pull the file the macro creates into a pure text editor (like NOTEPAD or TEXTPAD) and do a search and replace on said apostrophes so their are straight up and down and not slanted. If you don't the parser in FG will bomb on load.

    Hope this helps!

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