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    Hey Bunnyhunt3r

    Thanks for the report. I'll take a look


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    Please note that we can expect a new minor release of the combat enhancer for this week-end. So perhaps wait for it.

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    Hi Bunnyhunt3r,

    Assuming here that you're using the 1.6 version of my extension from the post a couple of replies up (#109), and not version 1.5 that is at the top post which is not compatible with the combat enhancer.

    So there are no changes from 1.4.2 to 1.5 of combat enhancer in the code where the two extensions overlap. And as such they should work fine together.

    I was however able to replicate your error, even with my extension disabled.
    Turns out that if you try to do a ranged attack while having an NPC / PC in the combat tracker that does not have a token on the map, that error will trigger.

    I'll make a bug report in the combat enhancer thread.


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    Yes i use your 1.6.
    So it is working fine if i put all the tokens on the map, great workaround for this bug, thanks a lot.
    It probably will be fixed in the next release of the combat enhancer, i'm sure Styrmir will look at this problem.
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