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    Hello all, I just bought the full version of FG and hope to set up a campaign for my friends. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but what program do you guys use to make those nice little tiled maps? Is is a function in FG that I haven't found yet? Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Okay, Dundjinni looks great, but I have to spend another $30 just to make the maps to go into FG? This is what they used? I was just curious. I've already bought the Full version of FG, then I'm buying the it for my wife as well, the lite version, and now this? Also, does Dundjinni let you create the tiles or do you just use them and have to create them with something else like Adobe?

    Any other suggestions that might not cost as much?

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    For dungeon maps and some town level maps there are a couple of apps, dungeon crafter and dungeonforge. Dungeoncrafter's town maps don't work for me, just because I'm colorblind and the colors are too wild.
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    You could also check out MapX. There's supposedly a new version in the works, but I haven't seen any news on that site for quite some time - which is a shame really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader
    You could also check out MapX. There's supposedly a new version in the works, but I haven't seen any news on that site for quite some time - which is a shame really.
    Or if you dont want to do any of that you could just use MS Paint...

    the only requirement is that the map be in JPG or PNG format.

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    First it's nice to have a photo editor (or jpg/gif editor) like Photoshop. If, as it sounds, you don't want to put alot of money into anything then I suggest for your editing (cropping, resizing, layering, etc) you should get The Gimp - IT'S FREE!

    Next you need some maps:

    Free map resources:

    Map of the week from Wizards:

    Most of them come with a grid so you don't need to place one on the map (right click and then use the radii buttons)

    Dungeon Magazine -

    Paizo has been kind enough to put the last 8 or so issues of high-definition maps and handouts online. Even if you don't have the magazines you can use the maps.

    Those two resources alone should be enough. Check out the fan forums at for fan-based jpg's of maps and use those.

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    As nice as it looks when you make the maps using dunjinni or some other software... I've been wondering if it would just not be a heck of a lot easier to just use the in game 'paper' and line drawing tool.

    This ties in a bit with what MSD was talking about with going voip. If you used voice software to at least read the room descriptions and such and used the in game drawing tools (such as they are) you could run a game with very little prep time. I think it takes long enough to just create dnd 3.5 material and then to have to spend even more time to get it into FG might be too much.

    Though... I didn't use dunjinni that much so its possible you could whip up much faster then I was able to with practice. Or if you are just better then me.


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    Autorealm is another good basic one ( Before getting DunDjinni I would use this for the basic grids and such, then pull it into Photoshop for color, shades, and texture.

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    I use Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro from but that is commercial. I would also recommend Autorealm as free software. Here is a guide to draw maps with it:

    Here is the autorealm page:

    And here some tutorials:

    For dungeons and floorplans DungeonCrafter is a good choice. Especially the combinantion of Autorealm and DungeonCrafter can make good results. Draw the floorplan is DC and import the graphic into Autorealm, where U place symbols on the images (instead of using DCs tile based bitmap symbols). An eample of that can be seen on my webiste:
    Here I used DC and CC2 instead of Autorealm, but its the same process with Autorealm.

    As an alternative to software that is made for making maps I could recommend commercial game editors. Some games provide excellent map editors that can be used very well. Just make a screendump. Games that can be used:
    -Heroes of Might and Magic (all versions)
    -Age of Mythology
    -Civilization (II and III)
    -Neverwinter Nights (interiors and dungeons)

    There certainly more games out there suited. Good thing is that U can get these for a very low price, since they are older.
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