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    whispering in the Hotkeys

    Is there any way to setup my hotkeys for whispering? If I type /w Fred to a hotkey nothing happens when I push the hotkey. I would like to have F1-F5 as a whisper to the PC in the campaign. Also, is there a way to whisper to multiple PCs at the same time. If three of the PC see something happen and the other two don't, currently I have to whisper to the three that saw the action as individual whispers.

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    you can type in /Whisper "characters name" ( no quotes) Drage the /Whisper "characters name" to the ht keys. when you wish to whisper drage the text back to chat and then type what you wish to say. That has been the only way I have found so far.
    Raven Mithindir

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    Whispering to multiple PCs

    :idea: I'm not so concerned about hotkeys for /whisper-But he makes a very good point for being able to whisper to multiple PCs at once-I'd really like to see this ability added in a patch if possible.

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    Group whisper

    Maybe they could add a group function for instances where your party is split and you could just /whisper group 1 or /whisper group 2

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    Honestly, I think the best solution is that you can mute players. Lets say you have 6 players in your campaign. Player 1 and 2 split off from the other group. Since the other 4 characters are not there, you should be able to mute them so they can't type, and they recieve no text. This could be done by right clicking on the characters portrait and choosing a mute icon. Maybe have a message come up that says private session, please wait. This way the DM would be able to control two or more groups at a time, because let's face it, not all parties stick together.

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    I agree ... Mute as in select a player that is not to see what is said in chat.

    That would be the best option then you can just choose those that will not hear what the GM is about to say like those that failed a listening roll.
    Raven Mithindir

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    Great idea on the selective "mute" option for DM's!! I'd love to be able to "turn off" people as they move away from others. If for no other reason then to scare the players into staying together for fear of missing something... I swear sometimes I feel like I'm DM'ing a bad horror flick...

    "Let's split up so we can cover more ground!!" (from the 1st level mage no less!)

    Getting back to the original question:

    I use "/whisper PlayerName" and keep them in my hot bar. The drag and drop works well. It's not GREAT but it works and saves me a lot of typing.

    For multi-whispers, is it possible to create a Note and then drag the note into three different people's icons at the top so they see the "picture" and can read the note? I haven't tried it but I'm pretty sure you can share maps this way. If nothing else, it might save you from typing the text more than once.

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