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    XML Averaging?

    I am creating a new ruleset. I need an attribute (ranging from 1-100) to be averaged with the skill (ranging from 1-100) to get the Effective skill level.

    I can get the ratings into the sheet and using the d20 example, I see how to ADD different values together. How do I average them? What about the order of operations if I need to multiply and then add, etc?

    Any suggestions or clarification needed?

    Tom / Doc4

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    I don't think there is any way to do that right now. I think they are planning in a future release to support decimals (floats), when this happens I believe you will be able to do what you are asking as long as you already know that number of numbers to be averaged.

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    In the event anyone needed to average two numbers together, it took some finding but was fairly easy.

    I simply created a variable called averager, gave it a value of 2, added my two stats together and then divided by the averager variable.

    <source name="dexterity" op="+" />
    <source name="piloting" op="+" />
    <source name="averager" op="/" valuemap="0:2" />

    There is probably an easier way to do this as well, but the process of averaging is certainly possible.

    Tom / Doc4

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    Excellent, I think I have use for this further down the road. Thanks for finding out how to do it.

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