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    Custom portrait

    How can I use a custom portrait that my friend drew or an image I like that I found on the internet? Instead of the ones that come stock?

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    Put the image in your Fantasy Grounds portrait folder.
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    do you know the path? and sizes needed?

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    Suggest you keep the size below 250x250px (and keep it square) to minimise mem usage.

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    what image format? PNG BMP … ?

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    Usually jpg or png
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    You should encounter some .ppk files in the portraits folder. These are a form of zipped up folders. You can unzip these files using a program like 7-zip to unpack them to get an idea of what the official portraits are set up like. Also can use the same process in creating your own portrait packs in the same manner zipping up your custom portraits and then renaming the .zip to .ppk.

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