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    Observing a game

    I would love to watch a game being played. I am interested in watching the mechanics of play and also seeing how a GM manages the interface for this system. The community also needs some live play examples on You Tube to help new players come into the game. That's something I would be willing to take a crack at once I know the mechanics better.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    There are a ton of Youtube videos with play examples. See here just to scratch the surface:

    Mask of Winter's channel:

    FG's G+ page -- scroll through here for several play examples:

    Nothing like kicking the tires yourself, of course. I suspect a friendly GM will come along shortly with an invite to pop into a game. Or you could head to the community Teamspeak server and see if there are pick up game opportunities.

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    Do you know of anyone doing gameplay video of Mutants and Masterminds? Mask of Winter does a great job with Savage Worlds. The Google+ doesn't have any M&M play-throughs that I could find, but I may have overlooked them.

    I run a 5E campaign every week and I know fantasy grounds. I also DM an IRL 5E game for my teenage sons and their friends. Looking for something to play in and I thought M&M would be great to try.

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    Many people pay on twitch.tv and many people have YouTube play videos.

    Mine are in my signature block. Enjoy...
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