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    LF1M - Curse of Strahd: new players encouraged to apply


    FG License: DM has ultimate, PCs just need the demo version
    Game System: 5e

    Time Zone: PST
    Day of week and time: Sunday @ 1 PM
    If new game, planned start date: 5/8/16
    Planned Frequency: Weekly
    Term: TBD

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Curse

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Depends on the parties actions, but I guess 50/50ish?

    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 4 - LF1M
    Character starting level & equipment: Lv. 1 - Standard starting equipment
    Character restrictions: Core race/class - non-evil

    Details of your scenario: This campaign is starting this Sunday 5/8/16 @ 1 PM PST and is open to new players. I've been DMing for a long time in person, however, this is my first time using FG as a platform. One of the party members is brand new to D&D and another player has only played around a dozen or so sessions so if you're new, come and join us!

    If you've read or played this module, please keep what you know and what your character knows separate.

    RPing is heavily encouraged at this table and prefer players to stay in character unless there is a good reason to not be (e.g. asking clarification on how something works.)

    Party so far is a human monk, half-elf rogue, wood elf druid, and human ranger.

    I will check this thread at 2 PM tomorrow and every reply by then will be read as if it came in at the same time. Before you apply, make sure that the time works for you and that there aren't things that will be regularly causing you to miss sessions.

    I cannot get FG to work without Hamachi so you'll need to join our virtual network which only takes a minute.

    Calendar link: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calen...ex.xcp?id=1975
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    would like to join your group! leaning towards cleric or bard

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    I am interested. Would love to discuss. Can hit me up on skype at KitKat31337 or teamspeak (either fantasy grounds ts or ts.eyeofthetater.net)

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    Ashlin Larkrush - Halfling Cleric

    [Journal Entry, Sixth of Mirtul]

    I write this entry as I dig into camp for the night, moon above my head, enjoying the last few days before I hit town and will have a roof above my head once more. My travel's since departing from the church have been uneventful thus far, with clear roads and clear weather. While I am grateful to Our Lady of Silver for the safety in my travels, I do wish I had stumbled upon at least a traveling caravan or some other traveler for the ability to practice my healing arts or simply for a gentle conversation. I suppose it cannot be helped, though I expected much more from my grand exodus than a simple walk from one place to the next. Perhaps when I next stop in town I shall try to find a few traveling companions if only to make the journey less quiet. I do have to be careful in who I should choose to surround myself with however; the land has grown somewhat darker as of late, and while it allows the Moon to shine brightly through, I need not find myself alligned with the malcontent. I appreciate the freedom of the road as much as any other, but one must use this freedom for good.

    I've been excited to leave home for so long; while all the worshipers of Selūne go out on their own journeys at one point or another, I reckon I've dreamed of adventures for at least four or five years. Before leaving the church, my Matron imparted upon me a the fifth edition of an old guidebook to various aspects of travel and survival by a Lord Gygax, and I've been reading it consistently since leaving to alleviate the boredom. I would likely not pass one of the old tests given at the church, but I've chewn through a good portion of it along my journey, enough to get by in the world should I run into trouble.

    While I have not had the chance to take any adventures through Curse of Strahd previously, what brief research I felt comfortable doing without spoiling myself indicated that it was in the Forgotten Realms setting, which should leave Halflings, Clerics, and specifically clerics of Selūne on the table, though if any of that needs be changed feel free to let me and I will do so. I am free all of Sunday, and am very punctual; having been a DM myself for quite some time, you can be assured that if I ever have to miss a session, it will be due to a series of catastrophic events out of my control, and if at all possible, I will still make the session be there sharks gnawing at my legs or earthquakes tearing my home asunder. Should my schedule change at any point, I will alert you with as much notice as possible, and should the campaigns session need changed I will work my schedule around whatever new time is required if at all possible.

    I am quite interested in joining your sessions, and hope you should choose me to embark on this adventure alongside your other players. I do have a few questions especially regarding character creation and how you desire it handled, and a message to this account will let me know of your interest and I will get further in touch with a communication channel of your choice (which seems to be curse from your description.)

    Humbly yours,
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    If you start an additional group or need another player for whatever reason I'd be interested.

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    Love to play Strahd in an additional group!

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