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    Is the game up? You guys playing?

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    Has not started yet.

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    Who is the GM? Have we figured that out yet?

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    I believe Redemption77 has volunteered but just depends on schedule, etc.

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    He did. I actually went and reviewed the thread. My bad. I currently DM an IRL game for me sons and their friends. I run a 5E game for a bunch of people I met in this forum. Looking for a game to play in and I would love to try this out out. Just don't have a ton of XP in the system and mastering the interface is going to be more challenging. There no live play examples on Youtube. Everything is in Roll20. I'm interested in playing and will fill in the tactical gaps for the team.

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    I am in the same boat. Little experience IRL and no experience in FG. Overall, my FG experience is very small. Just a total of a couple of games (non M&M) so far.

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    This sounds like an interesting thread. I have plenty of xp in M&M 3rd, but mostly for Roll20 (which is a decent system, by the way), where I ran two session (as a learning experience). However, I have almost no experience in the FG interface, or how to work on a game/campaign.

    Where can I find information on a possible game here?

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    We're in the process of figuring that out. I DM 5E alot and would like to get some playtime in with M&M. My XP with the 5E interface with FG has been excellent. Much better than Roll 20 as a DM and a player. M&M is on a slightly older version of the interface and is less supported. Seems like there is more work for the GM based on the test work I have done with it.

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    Good to hear. I just finished building a character in the M&M ruleset for FG, and I can tell it is definitely in the "beta" stage. There are a few things that did not make sense to me, and some of the math had to be done by hand. Perhaps that is normal, or intended. A few details with scrolling also were rather unusual, where you could not create new powers entries because you ran out of space (?).

    Perhaps I find myself lacking in FG interface experience, but that struck me as odd.

    I look forward to seeing how this rule set will look like finished. =)

    By the way, where can I find information on writing these rulesets?

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    MrKinister, there are the wiki pages which has Developer Guides. I've only started creating an adventure (in D&D 5E as it seemed easiest) so I am not sure how in-depth they are for rulesets.

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