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    I've built full adventures in 5E and also parsed out pdfs of modules. Those tools work well but do in part because of the substantial development work done by Doug and team but also by the community. The challenge for M&M is the size of the community and the relative skill sets of its members. Traditionally advancement in a rule set is driven by community members who champion that set and do the work under the guidance of the company's leadership. Someone with more experience and expertise on this issue can speak to this in greater detail than I can.

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    Thank you. I will take a look into it. I was thinking about creating something for the Hero System. I hope it's not too complicated to create.

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    Blackfoot is already on that project. His is 5th edition based.

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    Interesting. I was thinking of a 6th Edition set. I did check out the documentation. And I have to say I took a step back when I realized how big of an undertaking this was actually going to be. Hmmm... I think I will give this some time to percolate. See what happens. Lua seems like a fine language to learn.

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    Sorry guys Im around and alive. Ive had some serious hurdles in real life recently so Ive been slow to get anything done outside of that, however Ive not forgotten you fine people. If someone else is able to start a game asap I would join as a player schedule permitting but for me to start running a game I will need a bit longer

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