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    I wonder is there a way(or any demand for) a sub forum specifically for reviewing FG mods? It'd be helpful for buyers to get some feedback when making decisions.

    Regarding this mod, I bought it, and so far I couldn't be happier. Seems like a really cool setting with lots of flavor, and I love the format. Pinned maps are great, and the drag and drop ability for the new options makes incorporating it into your game easy. Add in 3 adventures. And you get a great value for only 20 bucks.

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    I'm not sure there's a need for reviews here (unless it's a review specifically about the FG version maybe). There's lots of sites that review products that you can find via the power of Google.

    And reviews are terribly subjective when it comes to products like this.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    Actually, I was thinking of rating the fantasy grounds mods specifically. It's pretty easy to find ratings of mods, but almost impossible to find ratings of fantasy grounds stuff.

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    i was hopeing to find a sub forum for it if for nothing else than dm's mods, adventures, and so forth i see it as really sand boxish and am exited to get my campain started in it, and it being so sand boxish i would like to see what other dm's have done what worked really well and what failed miserably. im goin to be starting my campain with the party starting as part of a jungle tribe, see how the tribe survives/dies by the partys disisions that they make, then the next time there in the area ill refrence the tribe in some way so the group sees how there campain effects the world as it grows.

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    You can run a general search on Steam to look at all DLC and about 1 page worth of these have reviews. Unfortunately, there are a number of them that only have 1-3 reviews and these are obviously swayed very heavily by what people wrote. Some of the people issuing a review had a technical problem getting access to the file and decided to post a negative review and request a refund as opposed to contact support for help. Such is life on Steam. You can click in to see if it is an actual review of the product or something like that which was negative.

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    This looks really interesting. I may pick this up for a future campaign.

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    im going to start my first campain soon in thule, the conversion to 5e was a little rough but it is workable, it was origionaly desined for pf i beleave. it is workable though, has any one made a character sheet for thule sence it does not use backgrounds and has naratives instead?
    but as a whole thule is really well done campain setting leaves alot of room for the dm to do there own thing and gives enough background so you have an idea of where and what is goin on in the continite as is.
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